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Our foster families make room in their homes to temperarily keep a dog in need until a forever home can be found.


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We appreciate any and all donations. Food, collars, leashes, bedding or any other care items you may be able to give. Financial gifts are also appreciated.

About 2nd Chances:

We are dedicated to rescuing dogs from the streets, shelters, and when we can, we help people rehome their pets safely. It is estimated that 5 million pets enter animal shelters each year. Out of the 5 million that are taken in, 3.5 million are euthanized. Thatâs a 70% fatality rate. The good news is that there is a cure - adoption!

It's our mission to rescue and rehome dogs. If they need training, to provide it through our volunteers or our professional trainer who specializes in positive reinforcement and "real life" situational training.

Jennifer Decker Williams (founder)


We adopted our dog from 2nd Chances. It is such a great organization, that I now volunteer!
Susan Thrasher Schmied
2nd chances helped me find a home for the rescue dog I found! They recommended a vet paid for the neutering and supported me as a foster home until the dog was adopted!! Thumbs up!!
Deanna Ellis Molby
We found a perfect match for my daughter at 2nd Chance and he have been looking for years. Thank you so much!!
Anunciata Greer
We found Koda through 2nd chances he is working on being a service dog for my partner.
Isabel Lee